Lightspeed Past Show Images Part 2


Lightspeed, is the photographic wing of Jigsaw Gloucester UK.

The above is an all volunteer Gloucester based community organisation. They support people with, Physical Health, Mental Health, Learning Difficulties and other issues to do more, by way of activities. South-West- Promotions first became associated with Jigsaw in late 2017. Please note.

They have no paid staff.


Since, Jigsaw Gloucester UK has gone on to provide SWP with a fully functional working web site, while Lightspeed, the photographic wing of Jigsaw, provides SWP with images taken at our

live performances in Gloucester.


All images you presently see here are taken by Lightspeed Photographer, M'art. Please note. Mar't, has a number of issues himself to battle with on a daily basis. He finds photography, supports his own wellbeing and that of others. Finally, photography, allows him o put something back into the Gloucester Community where he now resides.


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Lightspeed Gloucester UK's very own Photo Archive

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